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  • Park View Education Centre Newsletter
    Stay Informed! At PVEC we are glad to be able to send a newsletter to keep our community informed.
  • PVEC Daily Announcements
    PVEC is pleased to be able to send students and other interested parties our daily announcements. These announcements will include the cafeteria menu, student information, staff information and staff supervision schedule.
  • Guidance Grapevine
    The Guidance Grapevine is a newsletter produced by the guidance department indicating information pertaining to post secondary schools, available scholarships and bursaries,potential student jobs and other information that comes through the guidance office and is of interest to students.
  • Park View IB Program
    Park View Education Centre has been an authorized International Baccalaureate school
    since the early 1980's. Periodic updates and information may help you decided whether
    this program is for you!


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