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Youth Health Centre

Services for youth regarding addiction, mental health & sexual health are available to youth at PVEC. Services are offered through Addiction & Mental Health Services, South Shore Health. All services are free and confidential. 
Students may refer themselves by coming to the Youth Health Centre. Teachers & parents can also refer youth by contacting the PVEC Counseling Centre. The YHC is located in the Counselling Centre.

Staff from Addiction and Mental Health Services:
Community Health Worker – 521-2444
Rebecca Guest - Wed., Thurs., Fri.

Clinical Therapist – 523-2831
Joey Worthington- Mon., Tues., Wed. (am only on Wed.)

Social Worker – 543-4604 ext.2382
Terry May - Fri.

Promoting healthy youth in our homes, schools and communities!


Student Accident Insurance



More Info


PVEC Hosts District Track and Field Meet

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Park View Education Centre is pleased to host the 2016 NSSAF District Track and Field Meet May 16 and 17!

nssaf logo

2016 Lunenburg/Queens District Track Meet.

All the best to the Athletes who have spent many hours training for this even adn to their coaches for volunteering theri time with our youth!  Have a great meet!


Photo Exhibit

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Several of our PVEC Artists will have works on display! 
Come out and support our students!


Twitter Directory

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General Accounts Handle
Park View Education Centre
PVEC Student Council @PvecSCouncil
PVEC Athletics @PVECAthletics
PVEC Ozone @PvecOzone


Administration Handle
PVEC Principal @pvecprincipal


Clubs and Activites Handle
PVEC Me to We @PVECMetoWe
PVEC Italy Trip @PVECItaly2016


Athletics Handle
Pvec Lady Panthers Hockey @LPHockey1
PVEC Panther Hockey @pvecboyshockey1
PVEC JV Boys Soccer @PVJVBoysSoccer
PVEC Lady Softball @LPSoftball1
PVEC Softball @pvecsoftball
PVEC Basketball (all teams) @pvecbasketball


Staff Handle
Ms. Barker @mskbarker
Mr. Clendenning @mrclendenning
Ms. Darnell @msdarnie
Ms. Duggan @duggan_pvec
Ms. Wheatley @wheatlk




PVEC Bell Schedules

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* Homeroom on Days as needed. Attendance is taken by teachers.  Announcements for Homerooms will be made in advance to stduents and parents via our usual communication methods.

PVEC Bell Schedules
(* Note that Tuesdays will have Music Band Classes Scheduled After School.)

Regular Day
Period Start Time End Time
1 9:28 AM 10:30 AM
RE 10:30 AM 10:40 AM
2 10:40 AM 11:41 AM
3 11:41 AM 12:42 PM
LU 12:42 PM 1:29 PM
4 1:29 PM 2:31 PM
5 2:31 PM 3:32 PM
Regular Day and HR
Period Start Time End Time
1 9:28 AM 10:30 AM
HR 10:30 AM 10:40 AM
RE 10:40 AM 10:50 AM
2 10:50 AM 11:41 AM
3 11:41 AM 12:42 PM
LU 12:42 PM 1:29 PM
4 1:29 PM 2:31 PM
5 2:31 PM 3:32 PM
Embedded Time Day
Period Start Time End Time
1 9:28 AM 10:13 AM
2 10:13 AM 10:58 AM
3 10:58 AM 11:43 AM
LU 11:43 AM 12:32 PM
4 12:32 PM 1:17 PM
5 1:17 PM 2:02 PM

The schedule for early dismissals for embedded collaborative learning time for the 2015-2016 school year is as follows:

 1.     Wednesday, September 30

 2.     Wednesday, October 21

 3.     Wednesday, November 4

 4.     Wednesday, November 18

 5.     Wednesday, December 2

 6.     Wednesday, January 13

 7.     Wednesday, February 3

 8.    Wednesday, February 24

 9.    Wednesday, March 9

 10.  Wednesday, March 30

 11.  Wednesday, April 13

 12.  Wednesday, May 4

  3.  Wednesday, May 18

 14.  Wednesday, June 1


Additional High School Credit Oportunities

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1. Correspondence Studies: Register here for a correspondence course. This site also lists costs, text book requirements and a “Frequently asked questions” option. http://csp.ednet.ns.ca

2. Nova Scotia Virtual School: NSVS provides an opportunity for students to do one course on-line each semester. It is free and students will receive support for technology needs. The student must have one free period in their schedule to accomodate this course and it has one required echat meeting per week, which occurs within school hours. It is a good alternative if our courses here at Park View are full, you have a conflict or we don't offer it! There are approximately 25 courses being offered next semester and registration is open now! If anyone is interested in hearing more about NSVS, please make an appointment with Ms. Kelly! Or check out this website: http://nsvs.ednet.ns.ca/m19dev/

3. Personal Development Credits: The Department of Education has launched a new guide for earning credits for certifications achieved outside of public school. Students who achieved certification in various organizations such as Cadets, Scouts/Guides, Lifesaving Society and many more are eligible to earn credits that will appear on their transcript. See Ms. Kelly if you have any questions or visit this website: https://pdc.ednet.ns.ca/

4. Duke of Edinburgh's Award: This is a challenge program for youth that is internationally recognized as a leadership/community involvement program. There are three levels of achievement and each one involves Skill Development, Physical Activity, Community Service and an Adventurous Journey. We have an active group here at Park View. High School credits are earned with the successful completion of each level. If you are interested in learning more, see Ms. Kelly in the Counselling Centre or visit this website: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Feature of the Week:

thumb_Nov_4-1    thumb_Nov_4-2

Have you lost  this item? 

If so, please go to Room 105W to check the Lost & Found box.


Yearbook Photo Submission

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Get your pictures in the yearbook!

If you've got great photos of  school events or you and your friends just having fun, we'd like to see them. Help us get as many photos as possible to create a terrific book.

  • Go to: https://images.jostens.com/login
  • If it does not automatically log you into the site, enter
  • username:400053011 and password:panther
  • Browse to select the photo(s) you wish to upload.
  • Enter information about the photo
  • Click "Save Details"




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Exam Schedule - Procedures

Morning Exams are written from 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Lunch is from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00p.m
Afternoon Exams are written from 1:00 p.m.- 3:30 p.m.

  1. Exams Schedules and regulations were provided to students in Homeroom May 26, 2016.  It is the student’s responsibility to check the schedule for the date, time and room number of their courses’ exams.
  2. All questions concerning exam schedules should be directed to Mrs. Foote.
  3. Any exams conflicts are to be reported to Mrs. Foote in the main office immediately.
A conflict is when a student is scheduled to write two or more exams at the same time.
If this occurs, the student must see Mrs. Foote to reschedule the conflicting exam.  When a student has an exam conflict, one exam is written during the scheduled time and Mrs. Foote will determine which exam will be written in the next available exam time.

Be sure to check with teachers to confirm other final assessments and deadlines in all courses.

PVEC English Final Process Assessments (Gr. 11 & 12)
These are written PRIOR to the exam period.  Each teacher will provide the dates to the students.  Students are expected to be in attendance.

Thursday June 16 - Classes will be held in an open schedule format enabling students to access teachers as needed to support their academic needs as second semester ends.

June 2016 Exam Schedule

  • Thursday June 16 – Open Classes Day
  • Alternate Setting Exams will be in two classrooms Room H (217N) and Room I (219N)
  • Gr 10 English and Gr 10 Math Exams are 3 hours.  No Gr. 10 Exams on those afternoons.
  • IB English 11 Exam – will be written on June 16 – 9:30 am in Room E – West Wing


Room 214S














Adv Glob HIst 12

IB HIst 11

ENG 10

PreCal 11
Evans Phillips

Room E (209N)
Eng 10+

Room B (208N)
Eng 10+
Barker  (CoStar)

Eng 10
Wheatley  (Alternate)

Physics 11

IB Physics 11

Room C (210N)
Pre IB Math 10

Room F (206N)
Math 10


Room E (209N)
Math 10

Room G (215N)
Math 10

Room B (208N)
Math 10

Room D (213N)
Math @ Wk 10
Morash/ MacLellan

Power STEP Portable
Sci 10 STEP

Pre IB His 10

Can HIst 11

Soc 12 Academic

Power STEP Portable
Math 11 Ess STEP


Pre IB Fr 10

Math 11

Room G (215N)
Mth @ Wk 11

Remaining Conflicts and Makeups

Lunch 12:00 –1:00 pm

Lunch 12:00 –1:00  pm

Lunch 12:00 –1:00 pm

Lunch 12:00 –1:00 pm

Lunch 12:00 –1:00 pm











Math 12

Calculus 12

Chem 11

IB Chem 11
Adv Chem 11

Room G (215N)
Mth @ Wk 12

Philosophy 12

Chem 12


Bio 12


Bio 11

Physics 12

Sci 10

Room G (215N)
IB Fr 11HL

Remaining Conflicts and Makeups





  1. Morning Exams are written from 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
    Lunch is from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00p.m
    Afternoon Exams are written from 1:00 p.m.- 3:30 p.m.
  2. Students who arrive on a late bus are to proceed immediately to their exam room.  Students late for any other reason are to report to the office.  Students without valid excuses may not be permitted to write their exam.
    1. Students who are ill and cannot write an exam are required to have their parent or guardian call Mrs. Foote at 541-8203 or 541-8217 before the exam to report the illness.

      Read More



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    The school believes there is a strong connection between students’ success in school and their attendance. Therefore, we have in place an attendance policy that has as its foundation that students must be here to succeed.

    Students who are absent from school should have their parent/guardian call the school’s 24-hour attendance voice mail, 541-8300. Parent/guardians are to identify themselves, give the student’s name and the reason for the absence. For absences that are not reported, our vice principals will be calling the parent/guardian to inquire about the absence. For any remaining unexcused absences written excuses will be accepted in the office. They should be given directly to the attendance administrative assistant.

    Period attendance is taken at the beginning of each class and homeroom period.

    When a student is going to miss class time (but not a full day) the school needs to be given this information. Parents/guardians are asked to provide this information to the office in one the following ways:

    • If your student is arriving to school late, please bring your child to the main administrative office and complete the required information on the sign-in or sign-out form.
    • If your student is leaving school early, please come to the office and complete the required information and we will page your student to the office to meet you.
    • Provide the office with a note signed by the parent/guardian or a note signed by a physician indicating the time and reason for absence – this must be attached give to office staff at the time of sign in/sign out..
    • Contact the attendance line (541-8300) in advance giving verbal permission and indicating the time and reason from absence.


    Please note that in every case students must fill out the required information in the office.


    • Teachers record lates through PowerSchool attendance at the beginning of each class.
    • Students who are late for class must go to the main office and obtain a late slip and sign in.
    • Teachers should be ready to start class on time and whenever possible be standing at the door to greet students.
    • After a student has been late for a teacher’s class on two or three occasions the teacher should discuss the issue with the student and make contact with the parent/guardian.
    • Continued disruption to the class by arriving late will be reported to the office on a discipline referral form.


    • Each time a student is referred to the office for any reason, their tardy totals may be examined and used as a factor in deciding on consequences.
    • Students have to understand that tardies are a major disruption to the class.
    • Administration and teachers who may have caused a student to be late give the student a slip to take to their next teacher.


    • Daily attendance will be taken each class.
    • All daily attendance is available on the Parent and Student PowerSchool Portal.
    • Parents will recieve a nightly phone call for any unexcused absences that day. This is to remnd parents to call in the excuse or to indicate that   their student is not excused from class(es).
    • All period attendance data is included on report cards.


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    Cafeteria Services


    Park View offers a full service cafeteria for the students and staff.  In keeping with the Nova Scotia Department of Education Nutrition Policy, healthy choices are available at a low cost.

    Our food services are operated by the PVEC Cafeteria Society.  All profits are returned to the school.  Students and staff are encouraged to spend their lunch dollars on-site as it benefits the entire school community.  If you have suggestions to improve our cafeteria, please write them down and drop them in our Suggestion Box in the Main Office.


    Courses Available

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    Park View Courses

    At Park View Education Centre we believe in providing a wide variety of opportunities for students.  This is reflected in the number of course options we offer.  The Department of Education, in an effort to prepare students for the 21st century, has also promoted many new and exciting courses and programs.  The challenge for any high school is to sustain a minimum number of students in each of their classes.  For many specialty courses, only one section or class is offered.  This creates scheduling difficulties when other courses are offered in the same block of time.  Park View’s enrollment has been on the decline since 2002.  This impacts our ability to sustain some courses.

    It is not possible for us to offer every course that is included in the course book.  Final decisions on  this year’s course offerings is primarily determined by the number of students selecting the course at the time of spring registration.

    It is important that students select courses carefully and with consideration to their graduation requirements, post secondary plans, personal interests and abilities.  We strongly encourage all students to consult with a guidance counsellor when making their final decisions.

    Students will be contacted if a course (or courses) they have selected is not offered.  They will be given the opportunity to select alternate courses.

    For a complete description of all courses, please consult the Course Handbook - 2012-2013 in the Departments Tab under Counselling Centre/Courses.


    Graduation / Prom

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    <img src="/images/stories/foote/grad10.jpg" />Students

    General Information

    Picture1 Congratulations to all 2016 Graduates!  Please read for important Grad and Prom night information.  If you have Graduation questions, please see Mrs. Foote in the Main Office. As the big day approaches, check back more frequently for updates and watch the daily morning announcements.

    Grad Fees:
    Fees are paid and gowns ordered through the Main Office with Mrs. Foote. The fee must have been paid if students are to take part in the graduation ceremonies.  We are offering a Panther Pride Package for $155 available only Sept. 29 - Oct. 29, 2015. After this, grad fees are separate and will be $70. The fee includes: two grad poses for the yearbook and composite, rental of the LCLC, rental of lighting equipment, printing of invitations and programs, decorations, public reception, gift for the keynote speaker, photographer (each Grad will receive 1 free 5” x 7” of the grad receiving his/her diploma from the principal and a DVD of the Ceremony) and a keeper Grad Gown and Cap.   Any excess funds will be used to subsidize the cost of the Prom and Safe Grad.  Please make your cheque payable to Park View Education Centre. Please settle any outstanding Grad Fees ($70) on or before April 22, 2016.

    Valedictory & Salutatory Addresses: 
    The Valedictory address (a more formal, academic, leaving speech on behalf of the class) and the Salutatory address (a more tongue-in-cheek, trip down memory lane speech on behalf of the class) address is presented by grade 12 students on graduation night. Auditions will be held in late May.

    Grad Invitations:
    Grads are issued four souvenir invitations each which will be available in June.  Those requesting additional invitations should see Mrs. Foote.  Graduation will be at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre, 7:30 pm on Monday June 27, 2016.  There is NO RESERVED seating for guests at graduation.  Guests will be seated on a first come – first served basis.   EXCEPTION – Those graduates whose guests require wheel chair space should see Mrs. Foote as soon as possible.  We will reserve a space for the wheel chair and one (1) additional space for a person accompanying the individual in the wheel chair.

    Graduates are reminded that this is a formal occasion.  Please note the following:
    1.  No one will be allowed to gather at the front of the stage to take pictures during the handing out of the diplomas.  Parents will be asked to take pictures AFTER the ceremony.  A photographer has been hired and will provide, free of charge, each grad with one(1) 5 X 7 picture of the grad receiving his/her diploma.

    2.  Out of respect for your fellow graduates, grads are asked to please return to your seats after receiving your diploma, and wait until all grads have crossed the stage.  We should be able to move this part of the ceremony along fairly quickly so that the wait should not unduly inconvenience anyone.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Grad Gown pick-up.  Please note the following:
    Please pick up your Grad Gown at the school between 9:30 am and 11:30 am on June 27. These are yours to keep after the ceremony.

    More Info


    Student Council

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    The Top 10 Things You May Not Know
    About Students' Council.


    1.   We are located in Room 108N (back room).

    2.  We have sporting equipment that students can sign out at lunch or on frees.

    3.  Students' Council is open to anyone - drop by once or come every week.
    4.  We meet every Thursday at 12:45pm in Room 111.
    5.   We offer funding to groups and clubs.  Submit your Budget Request Form now.
    6.   Students' Council President is Rachael Weagle.
    7.   We are always looking for YOUR great ideas! 
    8.   We have poster making supplies if your club needs to do some promotion.
    9.   Students' Council is a lot of fun.
    10.  Students' Council plans special events like dances and spring fling.
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    NEWSfrom Students’ Council




    This year’s Students’ Council is trying something new…

    We are introducing SPIRIT WEEK to lead up to EXTREME DAY.


    Monday: Student Council will be distributing a small treat in Homeroom to kick the week off. We will also be starting the WHO HAS THE MOST PANTHER PRIDE? CONTEST!


    Details about the contest:

    • Each day Homeroom Teachers should look for the student who has the most school spirit (PANTHER PRIDE).
    • Submit the student’s name who has had the MOST Panther Pride for the all three days to Room 108N by the end of Wednesday.
    • This student should be willing to show off their PANTHER PRIDE on Thursday morning where the question: WHO HAS THE MOST PANTHER PRIDE will be answered by the student body through clapping for their FAVOURITE Panther.
    • Top Prize: Free Dance Passes for the WHOLE school year.



    Wednesday: At lunch on the stage there will be a cheer off to show off school spirit. We are asking students to:


    • Rally your friends, write a cheer and show your spirit on Wednesday at lunch for the FIRST annual PVEC CHEER OFF.
    • Sign-up sheet – outside Room 108N - 5 People per team
    • Cheers must be written down and submitted to the judges BEFORE presenting.
    • Top Prize: Gift cards for Subway and a T-Shirt
    • Judges – 2 students’ council members and 2 staff


    Thursday: Extreme Day and Video Dance (Theme of the dance: “Pounce on it” – Panther Pride

    Studying Resources

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    Take the Study Skills Self-Survey ....

    A = Always
    S = Sometimes
    N = Never

    Use of Time

    A S N
    Do you keep up to date in your assignments?
    Do you have a set time to study each day?
    Do you divide your study time among the various subjects to be studies?

    Physical Setting

    Is the space on your desk large enough?
    Is your study desk or table neat and free of distracting objects?
    Do you study in a quiet place, free fro noisy disturbances?
    Do you study mostly by yourself?
    When you sit down to study, do you have the equipment and materials you need?
    When you sit down to study, do you get settled quickly?
    Before reading an assignment, do you make use of clues such as headings, heavy print, pictures, etc?


    Do you look a chapter over before reading it?
    As you read an assignment, do you have in mind questions which you are actually trying to answer?
    Can you find the main ideas in what you read?
    Do you try to get the meaning of important new words?
    Are you able to read without saying each work to yourself?

    Note Taking

    As you read, do you take notes?
    Do you review class notes as soon as possible after class?


    Do you try to become interested in the subject you are studying?
    Do you try to set purposes and goals for yourself in your studies?
    Do you try to understand thoroughly all material that you should remember?
    When studying material to be remembered, do you try to summarize it to yourself?
    Do you spread the study of a lengthy assignment over several study sessions?
    Do you try to relate what you are learning in one subject to what you are learning in other subjects?

    Study Helps

    In addition to reading a textbook and handouts, do you read other materials for the course?
    When you have questions about your work, do you try to arrange to talk them over with your teacher?
    Do you discuss the content of your studies with others outside of class?

    Tests and Examinations

    Do you make special preparations for tests?
    In studying for a test, do you spread your time over at least two sessions?
    Do you combine important notes on your textbook and from class into a new master outline in studying for an exam?
    In preparing for a test, do you review the important facts and principles?
    In preparing for a test or exam, do you try to predict the questions?
    On the night before a major test or exam, do you get to bed about your usual time?

    Totals _______  Always ______ Sometimes ______ Never ______

    Do the following:

    1. Put an "x" through the questions that you marked "A." (Since you already have these skills, do not worry about them)

    2. Underline the questions that you have marked "S." You may wish to improve on these.

    3. Put a circle around the questions that you have marked "N." (These are the areas in which improvement is needed)

    4. Discuss how you may improve upon your weak areas.  Pay special attention to these areas during the program.



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