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Youth Health Centre

Services for youth regarding addiction, mental health & sexual health are available to youth at PVEC. Services are offered through Addiction & Mental Health Services, South Shore Health. All services are free and confidential. 
Students may refer themselves by coming to the Youth Health Centre. Teachers & parents can also refer youth by contacting the PVEC Counseling Centre. The YHC is located in the Counselling Centre.

Staff from Addiction and Mental Health Services:
Community Health Worker – 521-2444
Rebecca Guest - Wed., Thurs., Fri.

Clinical Therapist – 523-2831
Joey Worthington- Mon., Tues., Wed. (am only on Wed.)

Social Worker – 543-4604 ext.2382
Terry May - Fri.

Promoting healthy youth in our homes, schools and communities!


Student Accident Insurance



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Course Handbook 2015-2016

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 Park View Education Centre


At Park View Education Centre we believe in providing a wide variety of opportunities for students.  This is reflected in the number of course options we offer.  The Department of Education, in an effort to prepare students for the today’s world, has also promoted many new and exciting courses and programs. 

However, it may not be possible for us to offer every course that is included in this book.  Final decisions on next year’s course offerings will be primarily determined by the number of students selecting the course at the time of spring registration.

It is important that students select courses carefully and with consideration to their graduation requirements, post-secondary plans, personal interests and abilities.  We strongly encourage all students to consult with a school counsellor when making their final decisions. 

Click Here for General Registration and Credit Information.

STUDENT FEES for 2015-2016

A fee of $40 will be collected at course registration time in the spring.  There will be no additional course fees for the school year.  Upon payment, students will be given a receipt and we ask that this be kept in a safe place.

This year, there are 3 payment options for families.

Click Here for Information on Student Fees.


Park View Offers a variety of Academic programs for students.

Click Here for Informations on Academic Programs offered at PVEC.



Provincial graduation requirements state that students must successfully complete three (3) English credits, one each in grades 10, 11 and 12.  Credit can only be given for one English course in any grade level. Students in Grade 10 English courses will write a provincial exam. The course you select will depend on your ability in English/Language Arts and your future plans. Students who intend to go to university must take “academic” courses; students who intend to go to community college or to work may take “graduation” courses. Please check college requirements carefully, since some programs at college require academic English.

Click here for information on English Language Arts Courses



  • Park View offers a variety of mathematics courses—students’ choices should be based on their mathematical ability and future career plans.
  • Because of the number of courses required to study calculus at a post-secondary level, it is extremely important that students consult a counsellor early in their high school years to be sure they have the required courses necessary for future studies.
  • Beginning in Sept. 2013, Academic 10 and PreIB Math10 students will take 220 hours of mathematics (ie two full semesters in grade 10). Successful completion will result in two mathematics credits—one of these is an eligible credit for the two mathematics credits required for graduation. The other credit is an eligible credit for the “two others from mathematics, science, and/or technology”.
  • Students enrolled in Academic 10 , PreIBMath 10 and Math at Work 10 will write a final provincial exam.

Click Here for information on Mathematics Courses.



The following courses are offered by the Science Department during the 2015-2016 school year.  If you have any questions about any of the courses listed, please feel free to talk to any of the teachers in the department. 

Click Here for information on Science Courses.



For detailed information on the 2015-2016 Social Studies courses, read the  descritions in the link below.  If students have any questions about any of the courses, they should contact the department head or any of the social studies teachers.

Click Here for information on Social Studies Courses.


There are a wide variety of courses available to students from the Specialist Department.  Please note that In any project-based course, students choosing to complete projects that go beyond the general curriculum outcomes will be required to purchase the materials.

Click Here for information on Arts Education Courses (VISUAL ARTS, DRAMA, MUSIC).

Click Here for information on Family Studies Courses.

Click Here for information on French Courses.

Click Here for information on Personal Development and Career Education Courses.

Click Here for information on Physical Education Courses.

Click Here for information on Technology Related Education Courses.

Click Here for information on Skilled Trades Courses.

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