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Youth Health Centre

Services for youth regarding addiction, mental health & sexual health are available to youth at PVEC. Services are offered through Addiction & Mental Health Services, South Shore Health. All services are free and confidential. 
Students may refer themselves by coming to the Youth Health Centre. Teachers & parents can also refer youth by contacting the PVEC Counseling Centre. The YHC is located in the Counselling Centre.

Staff from Addiction and Mental Health Services:
Community Health Worker – 521-2444
Rebecca Guest - Wed., Thurs., Fri.

Clinical Therapist – 523-2831
Joey Worthington- Mon., Tues., Wed. (am only on Wed.)

Social Worker – 543-4604 ext.2382
Terry May - Fri.

Promoting healthy youth in our homes, schools and communities!


Student Accident Insurance



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As a substitute for PVEC, reviewing the following information prior to your arrival should be of assistance to you during the day.


Upon your arrival at the school, please check-in at the Main Office.  here you will sign-in, pick up a parking permit and sign-out your keys.  If necessary, you can also pick up passwords for computer use and attendance recording.

  • Park View's day starts at 9:28 a.m. The periods go as follows:

* Homeroom on Days as needed. You will need to take attendance. Materials will be supplied for Homeroom curriculum.

PVEC Bell Schedules
(* Note that Tuesdays will have Music Band Classes Scheduled After School.)


Regular Day
Period Start Time End Time
1 9:28 AM 10:30 AM
RE 10:30 AM 10:40 AM
2 10:40 AM 11:41 AM
3 11:41 AM 12:42 PM
LU 12:42 PM 1:29 PM
4 1:29 PM 2:31 PM
5 2:31 PM 3:32 PM
Regular Day and HR
Period Start Time End Time
1 9:28 AM 10:30 AM
HR 10:30 AM 10:40 AM
RE 10:40 AM 10:50 AM
2 10:50 AM 11:41 AM
3 11:41 AM 12:42 PM
LU 12:42 PM 1:29 PM
4 1:29 PM 2:31 PM
5 2:31 PM 3:32 PM
Embedded Time Day
Period Start Time End Time
1 9:28 AM 10:13 AM
2 10:13 AM 10:58 AM
3 10:58 AM 11:43 AM
LU 11:43 AM 12:32 PM
4 12:32 PM 1:17 PM
5 1:17 PM 2:02 PM

  • Students are to remain in their classroom during homeroom. Encourage students to move quickly to homeroom, etc.


  • Teachers have assigned parking spot. Parking Permit will be supplied in the Vice-principal's Office with your key and ID. This must be displayed on the dash of your vehicle in the assigned space.  You may otherwise get a parking ticket.


  • Check to make sure that you wear your orange lanyard and ID at all tiems for identification as a staff member.


  • You will need to get a login name and password from the vice-principal. On the computer desktop is a blue icon to take attendance. It says e-class. You will need a user ID number and a password. This is all case sensitive. Once you record a classes attendance you must click file, submit at the end of each period.  At the end of the day click done at the right hand corner.


  • Most teachers have a policy about going to the washroom. One at a time, record name on board, no leaving at all, etc.


  • On some teacher's free period they will have hall or library duty, hopefully it will be written in their daybook.


  • If you are in a computer lab or a classroom with computers, at the end of each day the students need to be reminded to turn off their computers and push the chairs in.  If you have used an LCD make sure that you turn it off at the end of the day.


  • if you are using a computer during a class please make sure that you lock the keyboard (windows key plus L) if you have to leave the room to prevent students from tampering with attendance, etc.


  • If you need to leave the building during the day, there is a sign out board in the office.



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